Some day are harder than others, it will be okay. If you are ever feeling sad and lonely try to go on Facebook and find a military group I recently did and oh my gosh my life has changed. So far I’m loving the group, I am still young and it can sometimes just be filled with old women nagging about their husbands but its okay I’m sure that will be one day. I don’t know any of the women in the group personally yet, and I try not to be judgement of any of the girls in the group. The military is NOT my whole life, my life does not revolve about the military, it does not control me. I refuse for that to happen, it not a life I want. I see these women and their complete lives revolves around the fact that their SO is gone, and how they just cant go on and have their own life. Im trying to understand this because Im having some trouble with it. I don’t love my SO any less than these women do, I just cant stop, fall apart, and put my whole life on hold because my SO is currently on a deployment. In my opinion my world doesn’t work that way, and if it did my SO would come home to a disaster. Its so extremely hard being away from someone that you love so much but you have to try your hardest to keep going and find a healthy outlet instead of just shutting down.

Im sorry for this small little mini rant I just was wondering if anyone felt the same way I do, or if anyone doesnt agree with me to go ahead and let me know cause I really would love to understand why some women put everything on pause and why they can justify it I guess may be the right word. I don’t mean for this to come from a judgemental place, if this does offend you I do apologize.