Have you ever put any thought into what to do with those old letters you and your significant other wrote to each other while y’all were separated? For the longest time each letter I got from my boyfriend I kept under my pillow. Eventually the more I got I just kept them on the side of my bed, for some odd reason I felt that, thats just where they should be, it made me feel better that they were so close to me.

When he got back from boot camp I just moved the letters too my desk and I never really looked at them. Occasionally I would read them when I was feeling down, when I was feeling unsure, or just because I wanted to read them randomly. I also, decided that I should probably do something with my letters instead of just leave them laying around so heres a few ideas for you guys to do something better with your letters than letting them just lay around and collect dust.

  • Shadow box. Shadow box your letters! This is exactly what I did and I love it, I got mine just from the local hobby lobby, but any walmart, target, or michaels should carry them also. All the letters I received from him are displayed beautifully wrapped in twine, with a picture of us above it, and a military coin that I received from our first submariners ball together.
  • Publish them. I recently was googling what to do with letters that I wanted to preserve forever and I came across a site called lulu.com, here you can actually publish a hard copy of all your love letters into a hard back or soft back book, you can even publish it as an ebook copy.
  • Scrapbook them. This is such a simple, easy, and fun way to save all your letters. You can decorate and make it look any way that you want, and if you have children it’ll be a fun activity to do with them as well. You ca add pictures of y’all, your family any kind of memorable things that you want.