I am a military girlfriend. Not a wife a girlfriend, I’m nothing as far as the military sees. I know this because I’m constantly reminded. I recently tried to join a Facebook group for where my boyfriend will be stationed for the next couple of months, and go figure I was denied. So I tried to join it again, thinking it may have just been an oversight. I was wrong. Within the next couple of hours I received a message from one of the admin wives asking if I could stop requesting to join that it’s for wives and husbands only, because I was “just the girlfriend”. 
Nothing upsets me more than being unincluded because we are not married. But I get that that’s how the military works. I get that when someone’s significant other goes into the military they tend to drop everything, get married, pack up and move around the country. I have a ton of friends who did that, but that isn’t me, that isn’t us. I’m. It saying we aren’t getting married anytime soon but I want to get married on my terms and how I want to have it not some quicky before boot camp. There’s nothing wrong with doing that at all! That’s just something I don’t want for myself. 

Just because you are “just the girlfriend” doesn’t mean that your significant other doesn’t love you any less than someone who is married. DO NOT let anyone imply different. You matter to him or her and that’s all that matters.